Trauma healing and leadership from body awareness – for professionals who work with trauma
– with principles and exercises from Somatic Experiencing and Leadership Embodiment method
Friday, February 14, 2014

How can you take charge of your life despite stress and trauma?

Target group: therapists and other professionals who work with trauma professionally
Webinar and workshop in which you get applied practical techniques that help you and your clients in the moment to find the connection body-mind. You will gain insight into the most important principles from Somatic Experiencing about the use of positive body awareness. Practices for clients so that they can take more control of their own lives in daily life. Practices for therapists for self-regulation during or after their work with trauma.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body-oriented form of therapy aimed at the recovery of trauma (PTSD). An important principle is that our autonomic nervous system can be directly helped to release ‘fixed stress’. By working directly with the sensations in the body, a natural balance is restored and the trauma symptoms decrease. This method was developed by Peter Levine, who studied why animals in the wild are rarely traumatized.

Leadership Embodiment (LE) is a method for inner leadership in the moment and regulating your own state of being. It was developed from Aikido, a Japanese martial art and mindfulness by Wendy Palmer. It provides simple, in-depth methods to positively influence our state of being by means of posture, breathing and focus. This allows us to deal more effectively with challenging situations.

Many of the exercises from this day come from LE method.

“I notice that I, as a trauma specialist, use LE for myself, but also for clients. That is why I like to share it with colleagues because it is a very applicable and accessible way to help people relax and be alert, in connection with themselves and their environment. “

This workshop is useful as a professional to positively influence your own “state of being” and presence. It also gives you a number of useful tools that you can immediately use with clients.

Topics of the webinar and / or Proceeds from the one-day workshop:

1- A quick, easy and repeatable 4-step method to restore contact with body and come into an alert and relaxed state.

2- Leadership Embodiment helps you stay with your own strength and peace while working with trauma. Particularly useful at the time that you as a therapist work with trauma to regulate yourself so that you do not unnecessarily burden your own stress system.

3- Way to be able to handle intense emotions and to turn them into a state in which you experience them, but they have not taken over.

4- Learn how to force an intention or desire somatically and “put into the world” so that you will believe in it more, your attention grows, and you take action more easily.

5- A way to make people aware of their own automatic fighting, flight or freeze reactions and to teach them a 4 step method to get back on their own.

6- Methods and theory from Somatic Experiencing: releasing the resource, shuttling, big load or emotion in small steps (titration).