What the first contact looks like

A Body-oriented therapy session of trauma treatment lasts from 1.00 h to a maximum of 1.30 h.

We always aim to optimize your experience of safety and work to clarify your request for help as much as possible.

Of course we start with talking, as you share your troubles and possible causes, and generally, we often start some processing work right away.  This will show you how the method works and provides me with more information on your stress coping style.

Body-oriented work is experiential. Experiencing safety and relaxation helps to be mindful of old behavior-patterns that you want to change.

In a maximum of 2 or 3 sessions, it should be clear whether this therapy or therapist is truly helpful for you.

It is difficult to predict how many sessions are needed. For some clear shock trauma, a small number of sessions is generally enough, developmental trauma or complex PTSD takes much longer to process, obviously.