Membership SBLP – Reimbursement ZKV 2023

This year my treatments are (partly) reimbursed by the following health insurers: CLICK HERE
reimbursement only if it states “Recognizes SBLP” without the addition “Plato required”, or “requires inclusion in Care Guide”.

I am a member of the SBLP – Foundation for professional organization for body-oriented (Psycho) therapy

If you have contact with your insurance company, you can state the AGB code of my practice:
AGB code of practice: 90009384

I am also included in the RBCZ register for Professional Care Professionals Complementary Care, license number is 170591T

In the new WKKGZ Act the government regulates quality, complaints and disputes. She also obliges all caregivers to join a government approved complaints scheme. That is why I am affiliated to the CAM COOP for dealing with unexpected complaints from clients.

If you have complaints, please discuss me, of course, if we can not figure it out together and you are looking for support in dealing with the complaint: click here: CAM COOP